اینجا نمی آیند.ما در حال از ترک از امشب

03 Sep

right dad, s’me.

i got 10 mins so jus the tl;dr: chesters pr is lies, they put u 2 work an keep u in a scummy flat wiv no water, feed u veg mush and moldie bred, put u in det 4 fud.

sets r gon (no passn info 2 raiders) but gards got handsets an all corupt. mums weding rings only gold we got so this is it.  if u move on, leev a mesij in wher we foun mushrums las week an well find u. aftr we py r det cours.

usin ur blog so evn if u don spot this ur matesll skIMp ya. pls coppi/past hole text.  we luv u dad.


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5 responses to “اینجا نمی آیند.ما در حال از ترک از امشب

  1. Elaine

    September 3, 2026 at 11:18 pm

    So I ran that bit of text through a translator – took me a moment to figure out it wasn’t Arabic – then I was running low on charge, but just did a four minute mile on the exercise bike and sent a dozen SkIMp messages. Obviously I won’t post the translation here, but I guess you already know it won’t take the guards too much longer than me to work it out. Hoping by then you’re all OK. Not sure how to safely let you know if I get through to Ash, but no reply from him so far. Post when you can and tell us what happened.

  2. Jack

    September 3, 2026 at 11:24 pm

    I tried SkIMping, too – nothing. Situation in Chester sounds familiar from the forums here – debt slavery is the new rule of law if you don’t got your own bit of land. You guys need to find an abandoned farmhouse somewhere.

    • Elaine

      September 3, 2026 at 11:25 pm

      And what then? You got an international courier to send them some non-F1 seeds?

      • Jack

        September 3, 2026 at 11:28 pm

        Totally would if I could – but given the massive drop in population, there’s got to be some unharvested wheat fields somewhere they can gather from, short-term. After that, Ash knows a little about organic farming. They just need to get settled, get some guns and shoot some wildlife in the meantime.

        • Elaine

          September 3, 2026 at 11:32 pm

          Simple when you know how, huh? I only hope they get through this to tell us why they didn’t think of it.


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