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اینجا نمی آیند.ما در حال از ترک از امشب

right dad, s’me.

i got 10 mins so jus the tl;dr: chesters pr is lies, they put u 2 work an keep u in a scummy flat wiv no water, feed u veg mush and moldie bred, put u in det 4 fud.

sets r gon (no passn info 2 raiders) but gards got handsets an all corupt. mums weding rings only gold we got so this is it.  if u move on, leev a mesij in wher we foun mushrums las week an well find u. aftr we py r det cours.

usin ur blog so evn if u don spot this ur matesll skIMp ya. pls coppi/past hole text.  we luv u dad.


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u blogjacked

hi evri1 im ash an i have irashnal fobyas of bad speln and my dorta driving   i teech her cos it maks me fl lik a gud dad in a norml world an preten shes gonna get a 2nd hand fiat fr her 18th an go to uni in bristl, bt carnt let hr get awy frm us fr 5mins or go lootn on hr own tho shes mor quite thn me or achly do smthin usefl cos im a bludy COWARD

also i hv a rlly stupd passwrd.


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